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Wizard Tower – Set

The Wizard Tower (Formerly Wizard Hut) is a 3-page kit totaling 6 “floors” of a large stone tower. Each floor is named after what it may typically be used for, and the pages can be rearranged in any order or rotated. Each floor has a main stairwell going up and down to other floors.By attaching […]


Wizard Tower Library // Basement

75% Final Editing Front SideTower LibraryA defining characteristic of many towers, the library is brimming with books and attached directly to a study. Back SideBasementThe basement level of the tower is full of storage and crates, although the page can also be used in place of any floor for extra storage. This Map is part […]


Wizard Tower Laboratory // Quarters

75% Final Editing Front SideTower LaboratoryA laboratory with large tables and devices for all sorts of scientific or alchemical purposes. Back SideQuartersThe tower’s quarters include a master suite with couches and tables, and a guest bedroom as well. This Map is part of a set: Wizard Tower Entrance // Attic Wizard Tower Laboratory // Quarters […]


Wizard Tower Entrance // Attic

75% Final Editing Front SideTower EntranceThe tower entrance contains a stairwell to the outside and two side doors. Opening furnishings are spaced and practical. Back SideAtticThe Attic has a small cot and other storage items, with an unfilled outer ring as the tower narrows. This Map is part of a set: Wizard Tower Entrance // […]